Vorwerk Group

Going directly to the customer with superior products
The firm Vorwerk & Co. KG was founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 1883. Over the course of 130 years of company history the erstwhile carpet factory evolved into a broadly aligned global corporate group. Vorwerk has remained a family-owned enterprise to this day.
The direct sale of high-quality products has been the core business at Vorwerk since 1930. The spectrum of products includes household appliances (the Kobold vacuum cleaner and Thermomix food processor), as well as high-grade cosmetics from JAFRA. The portfolio is rounded off by the akf Group (bank for leasing and financial services), HECTAS building-facility services and Vorwerk Teppichwerke, the carpetworks. Superior products and special access to the clientele are common to all of these fields of business and are what set Vorwerk apart.

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